OH Not So 'Crap'

So the story goes....

Last time i checked, i was never a fan of 'red' color. For people, the color red is hot,sexy,seducing but not for me. I did bought a few red stuffs but never i thought it was clever because red was never my color. but NOT TILL NOW......

Since when i love the color RED? 

I had this red smoking pants i bought for the past 2 years, its still in good hand, stretchy, nice cut i even wear it to studio, went to the beach with it....its' soft material made me wanna use it even more. So last week, i wore it to studio because it was night time and i thought it was never a problem to wear that red pants and afterall it was not a runway show...and NEVER at all got the intention  to show-off whatsoever  that night. NO-Uh.

Never would i imagine before that this red pants would've provoked some people from the studio. 
-_-'' it was just a pants...hey guess what? not anymore...the people just sooo in love with my pants... huh. Awkward moments when you're wearing your 2 years ago pants turns out to be your pants of the year.... hahaha. Well from that moment, i started to wear it occasionally. phew.

my red pants

not the kind of red pants i'm talking about


Makan Malam E C S

Last Monday night we went over to nasi goreng sotong pak cik emo for dinner. It was a 'good' experience there because never i encountered a kind of pakcik that was so 'emo'. i swear if i got the power to knocked this dude, i will. Some people said that he is nice, nope! i see him differently. Well if you still with that 'ego' personality of yours, don't expect people to respect you, Sir. This aren't your boot camp slaves, this are customers! okayh enough said.

I'm glad to be around with my fella besties, except picha, she wasnt there. So we chit-chat alot and giggles much and of course with wewe dude talking about his working experience was ever so touching...just like the old days...sobs-sobs... :'(  We talked about studio thingy, friends....and of course with a lot of gossips to spread! 

The most fun time we had that night was when we exchanged gifts. Gifts from Malacca switched to the gifts from us (me+wani) , since we did went to Kuantan last weekend. 


I got a zirafah from neollene and a pencil from mye. cute.

Have you got anything for your BFF?? :D