Brady Bunch Raya moments

Allisha the Interior Designer

This was my late great-grandparents. Atok Ibrahim & wife. I never got the moment to meet atok's wife, the mother of my beautiful grandma....NO12 on the right side was actually my atok Bak's sister's cottage. 

This is my mom's cousin and second cousin.

Well, i got so much to say but yeah...not really in the mood lah~ holiday is almost over and now its time to get real. The real big deal is about to come. InsyaAllah we will meet again Ramadhan....

Meet my real cousins! perfect go-go-ga-ga moment i had that night!

Shea, on the right side : 'katy perry to-be' they said

And i present you, the thing that we did one day before raya... :D

L O V E,
sheai :)
happy eid!