The Ramadhan's Story

During this fasting month, weight isn't a big issue for me, though this will lead me to Eid season the month after. Food bazaar... ughhh! I never take NO for food, whatsoever. ;P


As we all know, our Malaysian typical food bazaar during Ramadhan is the AWSOME! well, imagine when you're fasting that is restraining yourself from eating and drinking during day time and going to pick out the foods later for 'buka puasa' time, when the food stall sells amazing things the 'all-you-can-eat' stuff. OHH excellente! That is what i called, the beauty of Ramadhan :)  

But actually the most interesting part of fasting month was when we were all kids. That was how I truly manage my own self-restrain especially not eating and drinking. I remember the time when I used to sneak into the kitchen just to have a bite of this beautifully baked cookies (kuih raya). Then only I realized, "Oh I'm fasting?? right?..."   

When I was like 8 or 9 years old I freakingly need to break my fasting early than anyone else just because my younger cousin influenced me with her red lollipop. My grandmama was so cool with that and she gave me the permission to 'break it' and I was so happy. Then again I felt the guilt that why should I end my fasting early when I can actually be patient and wait for Maghrib.

I hate it when me and my mom went for our groceries-day-out at the nearby hypermarket during fasting month when we stop at the food section, ughhh I imagined the aisles were like screaming and begging for me to take them and buy them all, because they were all look very delicious in that boxes of snacks and what not. 

Now that I am all grown up I guess all the tricky things I came up with during fasting years ago entirely differentiate the level of maturity and iman in me. Of course lah kan? InsyaAllah. 

What's Cooking?
(imagine myself cooking at home)

Nowadays I don't really buy things from the bazaar because mom now fully utilized her housewife status as a fully housewife now, haha. And so here I played my role as a fully housewife's daughter went to the kitchen and cook with her. Just because I have plenty of time here at home or else dinner will be like the usual, my boring campus atmosphere and the foods Oh my! taste like...blank~

Home cook dish for Ramadhan is different from the non Ramadhan dish, because we kinda expect more foodies during break fasting, when the usual we only ate simple asam pedas with ikan goreng and rice ONLY, but in Ramadhan it'll be asam pedas lah, sambal sotong lah, sawi oyster sauce lah with different sets of drinking water...Alhamdulillah ;) burrrrps. 

So my clock now shows 7:15pm... Weeee~ hehehe!! about to buka puasa now...3 more minutes to go :)

Happy Ramadhan peeps

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