That day I was so excited about baking and stuff so my sister came up with the idea of a cheesecake so I was like ''umm...well..okay, yeah whatever sis" knowing that our knowledge in baking were like, zero... and then when all the ingredients were all set, I felt like okay maybe someday we can own a bakery shop with pink aprons and yellow headscarf. HEH tapi itu semua baru angan-angan saje . 

We did a prettay good starting with the aprox quantity of flour and sugar, and then the sister does her whip cream thingy and then I did the core which was choc+oreo, I can say that everything went well. Except for one lil thing, the cheese. How can a cheesecake jadi sedap if the cheese itself as the main character here turn out to a very bad cheese? sumpah la cake tu jadi tak sedap.

Actually we used the wrong type of cheese, but the thing was the baking was half done so to avoid dosa membazir, we wrapped it all jugak lah. Though my mind and my taste bud macam dah tak bertegur dah. In other word 'loya'.

b e e t c a k e


So the next day I was busy reblogging stuffs in tumblr  and then I found this one very interesting kinda new style of video, project on baking so I was like teringat my not-so-cheesecake yesterday that we did. sobss. I'd love to make cool vids like the one above, but not about baking lah obviously. I'm trying to get to know more about video making now, not that I don't know how but you know nowadays people did cool tv ads gune software aperr der... aku pon nak jugak.

Yeah,I actually more interested in doing tv ads, because tv ads help people to think, and when they think, they will act

Happy Baking!

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