Black + White side of your story

                                   The only thing is that 'She' know how to trap people  
the black witch 

                                                            The Dark-Witch
                                                             The White-Lady

the white lady

 Have you ever wonder why in this world there were always evil things accompanying us? Well...I kept thinking bout this and it bothers me. Can't we live normally, just togertherly between you and me without being in a situation where you feel like you're being 'trapped' by things.

I don't know how to categorize this but I think evil things come whenever someone feel envy towards other. Jealousy and ego is somewhere around living inside a person's mind. A dirty little trick does it all.

Imagine you have a neighbor who you think she's like an angel, yeahh like a godmother or something and then   suddenly one day she (the neighbor) decided to put a bad spell on you? You just can't do anything. Not even a single potion can help. Nothing! Nada~ That nasty witch then living in her fab cruelty life engaging some other person's path and poisoned each one of  them with her angelic words and make others believe in her. That was a total evil. Like in a fairy tale. Pffft---what a bed time story---

These remind me of the story of the Dark Witch and the White Lady. Even though a dark spirit is so called the greatest magic of all, but in the end the good person wins. Always. That is how these world doing its work.

So, Ramadhan is coming. Still remember all your good deeds you did these days? No? Then, lets start by doing it now. Tomorrow is ever too late for you.



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